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Mon 6th September 2021 

All ukulele lessons with Margie

are currently delivered on Zoom

Complete beginners please apply via email to book for a trial lesson followed by regular one-to-one lessons to gain entry to the end

of term group gala 2022.

the north london

ukulele club

With regular practise it doesn’t
take very long to be able to play and sing songs on the ukulele!

Ukulele Workshop in Highgate, August 2014, Booking details
Soprano ukulele, strumming strings, forming chords

What you will learn

The one-to-one session focuses on the basic skills required to allow you to use the ukulele to make music. This method does NOT require you to read music or to learn Music Theory. You will learn chords by name and forming them accurately then moving from chord to chord smoothly while strumming the strings in time. To take part in the end of year Club Gala, which takes place at the end of each summer term, learners need to feel comfortable with performing on camera to submit tapes to be viewed by other students and teachers during our Zoom group event and Awards Ceremony with trophies and medals.

To check availability please contact us.

Term dates 2021-2022

  • Autumn Term 14 weeks

  • Spring Term 13 weeks

  • Summer Term 12 weeks

  • End of term Gala Award Ceremony

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If you click on this link you can check out some of the ukuleles Margie plays, which are made by Octopus Ukuleles. The best ukuleles for learners of all ages and abilities!

The project is making more amazing progress in  2021!

Drop into our landing page for more info and to download our freebies!

Who would this be for? Who could benefit from the programme? 


  • Early learners from 3yo to 6yo

  • Parents home schooling or supporting and extending young learner’s experience 

  • Nursery Teachers, Early Learning Music Practitioners, Reception School Teachers 

  • Musicians looking for regular, part-time, all year around employment in EY settings

  • Children in hard to reach areas and/or lack of engagement 

  • Children with an inward attitude and needing more socialisation skills 

  • Late speakers because of bilingualism  


Settings for delivering sessions: 

  • Nurseries, Schools, Early Learning Centres, Music Hubs 

  • Home – Individual or groups, ratios 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1

  • Zoom sessions have been successfully led
    in 2021 during lockdowns and currently continuing

  • Teacher Training to launch in 2022



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