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Past Workshop


Sunday 7th Feb 2016
Beginners 1 & 2

Herne Hill, South London

£18 per person


With Alexander Karl Gold

The Unique Komedy Ukulele Orchestra – TUKUO
& Margie Jammie – NLUC


Duration: 2 hours

Session 1: 45min – 2 - 2.45

30min tea break

Session 2: 45min 3.15 - 4pm

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Ukulele Workshop 7th FEB.png

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TUlse Hill GROUP Dec15.png

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Ukulele Workshop 7th FEB.png
Ukulele Workshop 7th FEB.png

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Our Past Classes and Workshops 

We only organise large groups once in a while as we believe the best way to learn is on an individual or small group basis. Our club operates mainly on ad hoc1-1 or 2-1 lessons and then as you progress we find connections with other players in the Club and create opportunities to share and practise with our members with the aim to perform at a showcase when the time is right. We have parts for both beginners and intermediate players and lots of fun material especially arranged by us to share with you!

Don't miss out on the uke fun! The world surely needs more music and less talk!

London ukulele fun, all ages, Adult Beginner 1 & 2
Soprano ukulele, strumming strings, forming chords
correct hand posture, ukulele chord, left-handed players welcome

What you will learn


The club focuses on the basic skills required to allow you to use the ukulele to make music. This method does NOT require you to read music or to learn Music Theory though you will learn how to read ukulele tablature. 


You will learn chords by name & forming them accurately then moving from chord to chord smoothly while strumming the strings in time with the music. You will also learn right hand simple strumming patterns, with thumb & finger brush and how to strum with a plectrum (to bump the sound up when desired).

At intermediate level the use of solo parts, riffs and fills (for more complex accompaniments), 
more complex strums, barre chords and finger picking.

Left-handed players welcome.



Thank you so much Margie, 

I've been so inspired since seeing you and am playing every day. Big hug and see

you soon"




Kim Brown

Intermediate ukulele learner

Dec 19, 2014

“Hannah won the finals! Wednesday is the finalists performance together with the school choir and the school dance troupe. I am sure the work you did with her contributed to her final performance. Thank you”.




Kamali Friedman

Mum of 10yo Hannah
March 25, 2016


“You have put the fun back into learning! I have a sense of real achievement and want to learn more and more. Thank you”.





Phil Richards

Intermediate Ukulele Player

May 7, 2016.


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ukulele club