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Ashmount Primary Ukulele

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I have been invited to play ‪ukulele‬ at Ashmounts Primary in Crouch End!!! What a super school HEY!!??! ❤ It was great fun and packed of amazing children and parents. It was just the most wonderful school I have ever seen or imagined could exist. The building was amazing outside and inside and there were many performances, group dancing, orchestra, choirs, solo singers and storytelling. When it was our turn, Sylvie and I played a song called 'Yellow Bird'. It went down a storm because the whole school knew it and sang it with us. Then I chatted to a lot of mums and teachers and gave out as many flyers as I could – with help from fabulous Sylvie! – some children asked me questions and then I met and chatted to a lovely lady who explained to me the building has been recently winning awards. A vibrating example of how innovative architecture can shape what people do with it, how they do it and create such a special atmosphere. A wonderful couple of hours full of talent, warmth and joy! Thanks for having us! Margie ;)

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