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The Singin' Pen – Group workshop has launched!

Dear all, so much has been happening since I last posted on this blog! I hope you have been well and having a great summer right now. My latest I'm excited to share here is that 'The Singin' Pen' tm has launched into the Zoom-sphere in both English and Italian just this month! Zoom is... you will have guessed, where we have all been since shifting from face to face to online in February 2020 - how to forget? Ukulele and singing lessons were fully embraced and even had brand new members joining during the two British lockdowns, hence my communications were reduced to Instagram and Facebook posts only if any at all. We ended with a gloriously satisfying Summer gala that included self-taping challenges and the awarding of trophies and medals to all players and songwriters. There is a lot more that I would like to share and the best thing is to work backwards.

'La Penna che canta' Italian edition is open to Italian speakers for the first time ever since I started activities in 2013 which for me is rather exciting and would encourage you to spread the word to any Italian speaking friends across ponds. The idea of doodling together and creating songs based on quick drawings in a collaborative manner came about during some of my most recent 1:1 lessons just at the end of this summer term, to allow more spontaneous or hidden emotions, fears, worries, thoughts and ideas to randomly bubble up and form a starting point in the songwriting process.This to me was almost second nature, having trained in illustration and graphic design at the London College of Communication. Back in October 2020 and then later in February 2021, I also attended two interesting songwriting workshops led by famed New York guitarist singer songwriter Steve Conte. I guess that is definitely what got me started and then throughout the whole of 2020-2021 we continued to test out various collaborative songwriting formats with all of the ukulele club current members, younger and older, creating some beautiful and fun songs with all age groups from early learners to older children, and from teens to adults.

During the past 18 months, I'm sure this will resonate with you all, we've been through massive practical and emotional challenges and for me as a guide always, the most important thing was to attune myself to each student and be in the moment with them giving them my full attention to acknowledge how they felt, give them a safe, calm, joyful and supportive space to let out whatever they may have been experiencing at that moment in time. In order to achieve this and deal with my own stress, fears and anxieties I had to freeze my beloved Ukulittle digital project, something I don't regret doing as it is still there to be taken out of the drawer as soon as things will allow it. Some of the emails and thank you messages I have received from parents and students themselves have been life changing and the most heart-felt and rewarding I have ever received in my entire career as a music teacher. This whole experience has made me realise the additional potential for healing, bonding and even greater self-expression within our existing community where the songwriting practise has been incorporated whenever useful, more as a process and not so much for the end product itself, to help us voice hopes, dreams, aspirations, making predictions, helping the releasing of anxiety, sharing giggles, and providing so much encouragement for one another.

More recently I began to encourage doodling during my 1:1 songwriting sessions and this element has been so successful that I decided to create a group extension for it and that's how 'The Singin' Pen' tm was born!

The first group trial of 'The Singin' Pen' tm was held in Italian last week – beginning of August 2021– with a second session taking place this week as I write this (fully booked). As a summer special offer I then decided to add two more dates to the calendar this month and offer the English edition with each 2 hour workshop as a self-contained unit so participants end up with 1 song at the end of each workshop. Participants can choose to attend just a one or both dates. It's been really exciting, relaxing and lots of fun to be able to squeeze our creative juices together and create our own unique and helpful songs. I cannot wait to do some more! Please spread the word for me if you know someone who would be interested or benefit from trying this out.

If you enjoy doodling and creating songs as a group, this workshop is for you! All instruments are welcome or even just your hands and your voice. The fabulous news is that you can now take part from anywhere in the world! Check the timings below if you are not in London UK to see if you can make it.


Recommended age: 18+ Duration 2 hrs - 2 dates available

You will need pen and paper

Cost: £17 for each 2 hour session (2 sessions £34)

Time: 6-8pm GMT London time


Tuesday 17th August


Tuesday 24th August

Small groups

Led by Margie Jammie

To book send email to

with your request to participate

details for payment willl be sent in email reply when you write in

You can take part in just one or both sessions. At the end of each 2 hour session we will have drafted 1 song.


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