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Free Taster sessions in N22! 🌟 5/7 yo + 8/11 yo – Half Term Art & Ukulele Workshop October 2023

Pic 1: Leaves Bat Art made with tree bark cardboard wings and goggles eyes, PIC 2: Two Textile Ukulele patches, one orange background and one black background , painted  ukulele shape, colourful stickers geometrical shapes, PIC 3 Event poster for the Rec Shop 8th year anniversary with round shaped logos of the North London Ukulele Club, Ukulittle, and the puppet UkuLeela, Blue maracas, a black table cloth with many colourful ukuleles, dates for the free taster session are 29th October Sunday, 5 to 7 yo, and 31st October Tuesday, 8 to 11 years old, Address of the Rec shop is 17a The Mall, Wood Green, London, N22 6YQ

Hello! Thrilled to share the two age groups' sessions are now on the same date, Sunday 29th October. The times are shown below! Secure your spot now - it's going to be a day filled with groovy ukulele vibes and tons of creativity. Can't wait to strum and create together! I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of The Rec Shop's eighth-year anniversary celebrations this October. A big shoutout to Mary aka WxndrWxmn and her fab team for inviting me to join in on the festivities. As a special treat, I'll be hosting free taster sessions of my vibrant Art and lively Ukulele Club. Let's make this anniversary weekend one to remember, filled with creativity, music, and community spirit!

Ukulittle® CLUB TASTER 1

  • Age Group: 5 to 7-year-olds

  • Time: 12:00 pm to 13:30 pm (1 and a half exciting hour!)

  • Sessions: Two short and sweet 45-minute sessions Art & Ukulele Club

  • Hurry, we've got just 6 spots available, and they're going fast!

  • You can sign up at this link secure your place at the Rec Shop directly or drop us an email at

  • We're all in this adventure together, with a 1:6 teacher-to-kid ratio. Parents, you're the trusty co-pilots to keep an eye on your little explorers!

North London Ukelele Club CLUB TASTER 2

  • Age Group: 8 to 11-year-olds (the cool kids)

  • Sessions: Two short and sweet 45-minute sessions Art & Ukulele Club

  • We've got some exciting plans: icebreakers, body rhythm, and, of course, ukulele jamming!

  • Hurry, we've got just 6 spots available, and they're going fast!

  • You can sign up at this link secure your place at the Rec Shop directly or drop us an email at

More info Where: The Rec Shop, Unit 17a The Mall, Wood Green, London, N22 6YQ Look out for more classes coming up in November and December - let's see which age group really rocks it!

PIC 1 The Rec Shop Poster for their 8th Year Anniversary featuring Open Mic Session on 28th October Saturday, Black History Month, Special Performance, featuring Sigma AD, Ukulele Club + Art Session , PIC 2 Margie Jammie holding a red Octopus Ukulele, wearing a red beret and white heart shaped glasses, long brown and black hair with pink and red locks, coming through a glittery curtain and pulling an excited face, PIC 3: Mary Otumahana aka WxndrWxmn holding a pink ukulele, wearing a long grey dress, long black platted hair with pink curls at the end, smiling , Margie Jammie holding a fuchsia ukulele and wearing a North London Ukulele Club t-shirt, smiling, two volunteers holding another ukulele each and waving it while smiling, wearing a black t-shirt with the Rec Shop logo

  • We've already sorted out the Rec shop (all good!)

  • We're crafting a child-friendly and colourful space with comfy cubes to sit on and two tables - thanks to our awesome volunteers!

  • Snapped some pics of our fabulous ukuleles, our fantastic volunteers, and of course, our superstar Mary aka WxndrWxmn!

  • Parking, The Caxton Square parking (Service Yard 5, Caxton Road - N22 6TB) is next to the Mall and the Rec Shop is on the second floor

Margie's Credentials

  • Just so you know, I’m all set with my DBS check and MU Public Liability Insurance

  • Plus, I'm your Octopus Ukuleles Ambassador, which means we've got some sweet discounts available for ukuleles at home!

I hope we'll see you there Wood Green!

A poster with orange background and four different logos at the top including the Rec Shop and the North London Ukelele Club, Ukulittle and a free taster session logo, three other round bubble images representing ukulele teacher Margie Jammie, her pink puppet UkuLeela, a pair of blue wooden maracas for children, a bat with google eyes, made out of bark and leavesadvertising the events taking place in Wood Green over the Half term break, Art and Ukulele session, dates are 28th October 2023, 5 to 7 years old , 31st October 2023, 8 to 11 years old, the address of the Rec shop is Unit 17a The  Mall, Wood Green, London N22 6YQ

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