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Music, Arts, and Magic: Summer Camps 2023 in Italy

Hey there, fellow music and art enthusiasts! Margie here, and I've got a fantastic summer adventure to share with you. This year again, I had the privilege of running some unforgettable camps in Italy with the awesome folks from "Estate di Classe" by AICS Basket Forlì. Trust me, it was a summer to remember!

Bringing Kids Together

First things first, we had an amazing mix of campers. What made it even more special was that some of them joined us for the whole summer, embracing every adventure and creating lasting memories together. They formed strong bonds, supporting and encouraging each other throughout their journey. Our camp was a tapestry of different backgrounds and abilities, and this diversity added to the richness of the experience. We celebrated individuality, ensuring that every child had the opportunity to shine in their unique way.

I want to give a special shoutout to the dedicated educators who joined me in guiding these young talents. Their passion and commitment added an extra layer of charm to our camp experience. Together, we watched friendships evolve and grow stronger, no matter the length of time someone spent with us, making it one of the most rewarding aspects of the summer.

Grooving to Body Rhythms

One of the highlights of our camp was diving into the world of body rhythm. We clapped, stomped, and danced our way to discovering the magic of rhythm. The kids had an absolute blast, and it was infectious!

Let's Sing Together

Our rhythmic adventures, led into something really fun—singing! We sang songs in English and Italian, and it was amazing to hear our young kids discover the joy of using their voices to make music. Some songs were perfect for our little ones, while others were more challenging for the older kids. Sometimes, our voices made funny and wonderful sounds…It was all about having fun and learning that our voices are unique, just like us!

Strumming the Ukulele

Picking up our ukuleles was a moment of excitement. We strummed, plucked, and learned some sweet and cool tunes, all while practicing keeping to the beat! It was incredible to see how our body rhythm translated into making music with our instruments, adding a whole new layer of musical fun. We also sparked creativity by forming bands and encouraging young songwriters to compose their own tunes together. It was inspiring to witness potential future songwriting stars in action!

Watching those tiny and not so tiny fingers work their magic on the ukulele strings was nothing short of heartwarming. Who knows, we might have nurtured some future ukulele stars!

Green Thumbs and Vertical Allotments

But it wasn't all about music. We got our hands dirty with some gardening too. The Vertical Allotment was our canvas, and we planted seeds and lovingly cared for our little seedlings. It was a lesson in patience and nurturing. And let's not forget the thrill of seeing those first sprouts!

Crafting Nature's Beauty

My Arts & Crafts classes were a hit too. Armed with colourful artboard and tissue paper, and other recycled materials, strings, leaves, and twigs, at times some googly eyes, these creative young minds fashioned their very own "Nature Art." It was incredible to see how they translated the beauty of the outdoors into something meaningful to them. Each piece was a masterpiece!

A Summer to Remember

So there you have it, folks – a glimpse into the magic of "Estate di Classe" summer camps. It was more than just a music and arts experience; it was about making friends, discovering rhythms, nurturing life, and creating art.

I can't thank AICS Basket Forlì, our fabulous Coordinator Gloria, our President Gabriele Ghetti, their dedicated team of educators, all the talented kids, and their supportive parents enough for this unforgettable summer. Your trust in us to provide a safe and enriching experience for your children was truly appreciated. Thanks to BATÌ Sports Center for the renewed partnership, our guests enjoyed every moment!

Stay tuned for more adventures from Margie's world of ukuleles and crafts. Until next time, keep strumming and creating!



Margie Jammie

Teacher and Club Director

Ukulittle® • The North London Ukulele Club • Arts & Crafts

Photos: © 2023 Margie Gianni and Centro Estivo Estate di Classe


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